After our whirlwind, fabulous wedding (pictures of which are to come!) Cam and I jetted off to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for our honeymoon. Surprisingly we had no problem making flights, and arrived with very little stress – something that hasn’t happened to us traveling in a long time. Usually we’re beset about all sides by delays, lost baggage, no air conditioning or any other myriad of issues.

DSCN3356 DSCN3358

We spent the week at the Excellence Resort – Punta Cana on a terrific recommendation from Cameron’s aunt and uncle (thank you Michelle and Rob!). Since we are both rather big introverts and figured we’d be yearning for a book and some quiet after the wedding, we went the all-inclusive beach route. Best decision we made. At the resort, we left all phones, wallets, tablets, etc. locked away and enjoyed all-you-can-eat-and-drink in relatively disconnected bliss. We even left the camera locked up the whole week after taking a tour to grab the pictures – figured we’d live our honeymoon out from behind the lens.

DSCN3381 DSCN3376

Additionally, we splurged a little on our room and opted for a swim-up suite with our own private cabana right on the pool! The upgrade also came with a designated beach area for “Excellence Club” members, so we never once had to look for seats or worry about reserving a spot. All part of our interact-with-minimal-people plan. The cabana was so comfortable, and with staff walking around the pool taking drink orders we only rarely had to get up.

DSCN3361 DSCN3365 DSCN3362

We did venture out one day for a Zip Lining excursion in the mountains – which was amazing! They ran that trip like a well oiled machine though. There was a guide at every post who would hook you on the line, one who caught you and helped you off, then you walked to the next station (often on the same tree platform) and repeated the whole thing. They managed to get probably about 60 of us through 12 zip lines in 2 hours – just nuts. Now, generally, I have a pretty terrible fear of heights (thanks to a little vertigo on my dad’s side), so one would assume zip lining would not be my thing. But you are so securely strapped onto those steel cables, it’s hard to imagine going anywhere but down the line. So in one trip we accomplished a work-out for the week and the must-have honeymoon adventure! Then it was back to the beach and books!

DSCN3375  DSCN3373

Both Cam and I opted to re-read some personal favorites on the trip instead of venturing something new. While Cam tackled Game of Thrones (which I still haven’t managed to tackle), I revisited my favorite hobbitses with Fellowship and Two Towers. After being with Cam for six years, though, I’ve discovered I’m a pretty slow reader despite the fact I’m the English major in the relationship. Cam downed at least one, but probably two, installments of Game of Thrones – somewhere between 1600 and 2000 pages probably. I, on the other hand, left at a hefty 400, being only part way through Two Towers when we left. In the words of my always too nice husband, I absorb much more when I read than he does (a.k.a I’m a slowpoke).

DSCN3366 DSCN3377

But the biggest winner of the honeymoon was the food! Specifically, the amazing Spanish tapas restaurant that totally threw me back to my study-abroad experience in Seville. We chowed on jamon croquettas, patatas bravas, pan con tomate, and manchego for a good portion of the week – especially since Flavor Market was one of the best restaurants at the resort. We tried to hit all the other restaurants at the resort while there, but only managed 7 of the 9. There was a particularly tasty italian dinner for our special Honeymoon Dinner with prosciutto, risotto, and lobster that sent Cam and I rolling back to our room.

All in all, not a bad way to start married life at all!


2 thoughts on “Honeymooners

  1. Sounds like an amazing honeymoon 🙂 Glad you guys enjoyed it!!! I can’t believe Cameron finished that much of game of thrones!


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