Tuck is Growing Up

Many of you have met the adorable furry monster that is Tucker, our shelter dog. He’s a toot and a half, but he’s adorable and loveable. It’s hard to believe how much he’s grown in the four short months we’ve had him though! When we adopted Tuck from CAP, he was 3 months old and about 10 pounds. Today, he’s 7 months old and about 27 pounds! He’s finally growing in to his big puppy paws that we loved so much at the shelter.

Not that I haven’t posted enough photos of him on Facebook and Instagram, but I figured I would share a few more! He’s too cute not to.

20150320_125140 20150704_192038

^^ Size comparison! Look how little he was on adoption day! Coincidence that Cam is wearing the same shirt – mostly because he only has like 5…^^

20150322_152458 20150322_175613

^^ He’s still super cute now, but that little puppy face melts my heart. Then I remember that he’s destroyed every toy in this picture (including the bed…which became a toy) and it’s… still just as cute. I’m hopeless. ^^

20150604_133646 20150614_160139

^^ Any one else recognize the “I just dare you to take that ball and throw it” look? He’s got a horrible case of “I want to play…but you can’t have it.” And when he’s done playing, he’s officially claimed the chaise end of the couch as his throne.^^

He can be a pest, and he sure demands to go outside a lot, but there is nothing better to coming home to an excited puppy every day. Those cute little stretches and belly-rub requests are the best.


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