August in Review

August has been a busy month – hence the blog silence for so long. So instead of a focused posted, here’s the highlights of the past month:

I got a job! Which is awesome. I’m now a Technical Editor for a IT Solutions company here in Houston. Around the first couple weeks of August, I was starting to get really stressed about finding something. I had applied to a couple jobs while I was in my paralegal class, then I graduated from that and had a wedding. So the job search took a back seat. When we got back from the honeymoon the job search was back in full swing, but wasn’t turning up any leads. It was hard to sit there and not hear a word after having put myself through class and really feeling prepared. But I got an interview for the Technical Editor position, really liked the people, and decided to go with that. And – lo and behold – my first week at my new job I got 4 or 5 calls for paralegal interviews. I turned them down, but it felt good at least knowing someone would have given me a chance. It was mostly an ego boost, but a much needed one. My new job, my coworkers, and the work environment are great though – and my paralegal skills are still coming in handy! So I’m a happy camper.

Lots of family visits. The month of August was filled with family! Cameron and I are blessed to have families that live nearby, or come to visit often. We kicked off the month with a visit from my sister. She stayed with us and – poor thing – had to sleep on a futon mat on the floor since we have no guest bedroom furniture. But we had a lovely time making cookies, craft shopping, etc. before she was back to college to be a freshman advisor! (So proud of my baby sister and her campus involvement!)

My dad was also in town on work for a week in late August. He later posted on FB about it being weird to visit his daughter “and her husband” for the first time. I have to admit, its still a bit weird to say for me too. I keep introducing myself with the wrong last name still. I’m assuming it will stick eventually! 23 years of the same name will do that to you, though. We had an awesome americana dinner at Beaver’s off of Washington St. (Beaver’s is our absolute favorite restaurant in town! Their mac ‘n’ cheese is to die for). My dad and I paid a visit to my grandma as well. I’m not sure her memory of me is great nowadays, but she seems happy. We showed her all the wedding pictures – she loved seeing daddy in them.

The last visit we made in August was to my aunt and uncle’s house. They’re the remaining stakeout of my family in Houston for now, and it’s so nice to have family in town! Cam and I always have a blast at their house too. Add in 5 adorable Cavalier King Charles puppies and you have the most awesome sunday ever. I could have eaten those little pups right up they were so cute and cuddly! Cam got in some quality football talk with my uncle and cousins, and a solid game of Settlers of Catan – apparently Cameron holds the Game Master title, with a Catan win and the reigning Risk championship from last Thanksgiving.

We found our church home. We’ve been living in the Heights for a while now, but we’ve finally found a church to attend on Saturdays. Grace UMC (ironic since my childhood church was Grace Fellowship UMC, no?) is a wonderful, small church in our neighborhood. From the very first service, the pastor has reached out to us personally to invite us to events. It’s been incredibly welcoming and we are so happy to have a church home again. Check out our selfie at the Dynamo game for Family and Faith night with the church on Instagram!

Not a very visual post – but that should come soon! This weekend we’re hitting up the Heights Epicurean Market (farmer’s market) hosted at Grace and Cameron’s folks are coming to visit! Now that I’m a little more settled into my job, hopefully I can make these posts a little more regular.

And that was our August!


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