Netflix (and PS4 and Books) and Chill

So I was doing OK with posting, but then I either forget to take a camera to document the exciting things we do – or we don’t do exciting things. So I figured I’d share some of our lazy favorites:

TV: I like TV. Cam likes TV. We’re a “Netflix and Chill” kind of family. Curling up on our sectional with the pup is definitely a favorite past-time at the Smith household. We’ve been watching The Voice together, because – to be honest – I have a minor (read: MAJOR) celeb crush on Blake Shelton. Its an easy show to put on while we cook and relax to. We’re recording lots of more exciting shows – but Cam is too nice and lets me dominate the television with reality shows. We were attempting to rewatch all of That 70s Show for a while, but the later seasons hit a bit of a lull. I finally made it to season 8, but I think Cam has tuned out of it.

On the TV Pending List:

  • Blindspot – our DVR is getting filled up with this show. I’ve heard good things.
  • Blacklist – Cam still has to catch up on last season, which hasn’t been free anywhere until recently and we’re cheap.
  • Minority Report – if anyone has tried this, please tell! We liked the Tom Cruise original, and figured this would be worth a shot, but yet again it’s chilling on our DVR.

Video Games: Cam has been binge-playing Destiny for a few solid months. And binge-watching other people play it on YouTube. And reading about it on Reddit. And waiting for expansions. Do I need to go on? Luckily he plays with my best friend’s husband, so I get some good girl company while the hubbies ignore us (e.g., my awesome new cookie jar from last girls’ night! See it on my Instagram!).

On the Video Games Pending List:

  • More Destiny. Duh.

Books: So I started to attempt the Silmarillion for the first time in a decade, and definitely made it further this time, but still needed a break. One of my friends lent me The Magicians by Lev Grossman, and I’m hooked – even though I’m just 40 pages in. If you’re looking for a grown up version of Harry Pottter/Narnia, 10/10 would recommend. After Tolkien, it was a bit of an adjustment because Grossman’s writing style is much more modern/colloquial, but none the less sophisticated.

On the Books Pending List (which, let’s be real, is infinite so here’s just a bite):

  • The Belgariad by David Eddings — purchased and in the nightstand-queue!
  • American Gods by Neil Gaiman — after Neverwhere, I’m itching for another Neil Gaiman book. (FYI Dad, you must try!)
  • The Hollow Boy (Book 2 of Lockwood & Co.) by Jonathan Stroud — super obsessed with this YA horror series, which for those of you who know me well will find as a total surprise. I can’t sleep after COMMERCIALS for horror movies, yet – just for Stroud – I can handle this series.
  • Books 2 and 3 from the W.A.R.P Series by Eoin Colfer — perhaps not as immediately enthralling as Artemis Fowl, I still couldn’t put the first book down until I’d read the entire thing.
  • Newt’s Emerald by Garth Nix — the Abhorsen series is for sure in my Top Five Books list, so when Barnes & Noble alerted me that a new Nix book was coming out, you know that went straight on this list. No questions asked.

We’ve made a few ventures out of the house to see friends, have dinner, walk with the Tuck monster. But sometimes it’s just nice to homebodies.


One thought on “Netflix (and PS4 and Books) and Chill

  1. video game paragraph…so true… I just don’t understand how the game doesn’t get boring!

    also, let me know about minority report we were debating it too!


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