Ms. Mary Kay and the Party from Hell

So Bumble has been a bit disappointing. I’ve matched a few times, but with no real results. My one and only Bumble date was about a week ago on Saturday. I didn’t post about it immediately, because I knew the follow would need to be included. She messaged me first and was really nice. We chatted for a little while, and then she said we should get together!

Mistake No. 1: She’s a Mary Kay beauty consultant, and she wanted me to come to a Mary Kay party. In my extreme naiveté, I said sure that sounds like fun!

Mistake No. 2: Assuming this was an already established party. I was thinking I would go, there would be some other ladies, and it would be a fun group environment to meet someone new in. She asked if I had any friends to invite, and I checked with one or two but neither could make it and I didn’t really want to push it, assuming she had other attendees.

Saturday morning I showed up on time and only Ms. MK was there. I thought, “Ok, I’m a little early. More people will come.” Wrong. Literally, it was me and her sitting a table in their studio, her supervisor in another room. AND IT WAS SO AWKWARD!

Most of you know, but I don’t really wear makeup. I’ll put on a little when we go out maybe, but I don’t wear makeup to work or anything. So Ms. MK literally had to sit there and instruct me on how to put on exfoliator, microdermabrasion, pore minimizer, day cream, night cream, moisturizer, and foundation. No joke, there were 7 products just for skin care. It was humiliating.

We did chat some during this, and I guess it was ok, but I suddenly realized what Cam had thought from the very beginning. This chick is preying on girls looking for friends to get clients. I felt stupid, and I felt guilted into buying something because I was the only person in the room. I ended up purchasing a few things (and to be fair the quality is good and I am using them). I was hoping, just maybe, she’d mention getting together not at a Mary Kay event. But no. Apparently actual makeup is done at a “follow up” party. At that point I said something non-committal and just wanted to get out of there.

A couple days later she checks in, at first not talking about the follow up. Being an optimist, I thought maybe this would take a turn for the better. Then she sent me my “invite” and said I should start planning my guest list. At this point, I lied and said I just wasn’t garnering any interest, but I’d be happy to do something by myself.

Then she sent this (laden with emojis): “Okay, so we need to get creative in your list. Easy peasy. Have you asked any of the following types of ladies? Best friend, bridesmaid, coworker, mom, sister, grandma, neighbor. Sometimes people need an invitation too. And you can let them know that they will be all done before lunch time, so that’s not a problem.”

I almost lost my cool. First, I’m on apps looking for new friends. I don’t really have a big circle to pool from. Second, I hate being forced into these kinds of events myself. I’m not going to force the few friends I have to attend a beauty party. Not to mention, could you see me being a hostess? “Hello, I don’t wear makeup but please buy this seven product skin care line. K, thanks!”

The next day I sent a message back, letting her know honestly that I was uncomfortable reaching out to friends and family, and I wasn’t interested in being a hostess. I said I’d be happy to be a customer or attend her organized events. I didn’t hear back from her for THREE DAYS. Eventually, she wrote back that she’d been busy and not to worry, hosting isn’t for everyone. She said they’d be doing a Project Runway watch party or something so  we could reschedule for that. End of chatting.

So I would say that was an epic fail…


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