Reset for Round Two

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve taken the week to reset and just relax a little after a very busy first week of friend-dating. It ended up being a good week to do so, since work went haywire and I ended up working late a night or two.

I got about halfway through my new book (The Creeping Shadow, book four of the Lockwood & Co. series by Jonathan Stroud). Stayed in for movie night with Cam. Made a quick birthday stop for one of my old roommates. Took a trip up to visit my sister in College Station.

All in all a good lazy week, socially speaking! Although, relative to my life just a few short weeks ago, this was still pretty busy. I used to stay in the house all weekend, so I’m pleased with this progress.

However, now I have to build myself up for two second dates right away this week. I have dinner Monday night with a girl named Brittni, and jazz music at a bar on Tuesday with a girl named Hannah. I’m excited, but worried my INTJ took over a little too much.

Hopefully one more night of staying in and eating pizza will help pump me up for the week. Stay tuned for updates on Thursday!


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