Social Relapse

So I was scheduled for two dates this week, but neither happened.

My first date called and had to cancel because of a migraine. As a fellow migraine sufferer, I understand that pain. She felt so bad, that it made me feel bad, and so we went around with “I’m sorry!” and “No, it’s okay, really!” for a few minutes before rescheduling for next week. But we did reschedule! She seems to travel a lot for work, so catching her in town has been an issue. But I’m trying to be flexible and be ready when she is!

That was Monday. By Tuesday, work had been super stressful, I was tired, and my allergies decided to make a sudden resurgence with the new cool weather. So I white lied a little and said I was sick and rescheduled my second date. I wasn’t feeling up to a jazz  bar on a Tuesday at 8 with work the next day and a pile of used tissues in my purse. So we rescheduled for lunch text Tuesday. I think daytime/dinner is better on weekdays for me probably.

I’ve been chatting with a few more people on both apps, but – again – no one is really willing to take the first move and ask to meet up. Stubbornly, I want someone else to ask me out first…


I don’t think that approach is working, though, so I may have to regroup and re-energize my social side to be the more forward one this weekend. So not my finest week by any means, but there you have it.


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