Adventure Day with Cam

During another slow friendship week, Cam and I had an adventure day planned! I took the day off from work on Friday so we could “hike” (walk) the Houston Hike and Bike Trail from our house down to Allen’s Landing, the original port of Houston that helped establish the town after hurricanes destroyed the ports in Galveston.

We meant to get an early start at about 7:30 AM. But does anyone wake up that early on their day off? Even the dogs didn’t wake us up, which is a miracle in and of itself. So we ended up heading out the house around 9:00 AM.

Luckily, Houston’s had a nice weather streak the last week, so it was only 65 degrees when we left! It felt great pretty much the whole way, although the sun comes down pretty hot here in the South. But neither of us were a gross puddle of sweat at the end, so after this summer that’s a pretty good achievement!


The path runs pretty much straight through the Heights before making a slight turn towards downtown. After you get past the Heights, the track actually turns into a scenic route in Houston, and with beautiful clear weather it was about as scenic as Houston can get, being a flat, swampy town.


We clipped along at a pretty good walking pace and made it the 5.6 miles into downtown in about 1.5 hours. Much faster than I expected it would be, actually. Cam and I always have a good time adventuring together, wherever we are. We chat and explore  and just generally enjoy each others company. Its relaxing for both of us, which shows you it is possible for two INTJs to like social company!


We ended at Allen’s Landing and grabbed a smoothie in Market Square Park before Ubering home – because one 5 mile walk is enough for the day! All-in-all it was a good morning adventure, quickly followed up by some much needed napping!


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