Recharge Week

One of the best tips I saw when starting my friendship adventure was to dive right in and just schedule things immediately! Even schedule dates back-to-back. For someone as introverted as I am, this was good advice. I had to build myself up a LOT to be willing to be social in the first place, so I jam-packed a week with dates with new friends. Then, old friends started messaging me too! This resulted in one, epic, amazing, busy week.

Brooke’s Epic Week of Friendship:


Saturday – Mary Kay Party and Dinner with College Friends

We’ve all read a little about my party experience, but the same weekend two friends of mine from college were getting together for dinner. I’m really grateful to have made such good friends at Rice, because I’m truly terrible at keeping in touch. I think it’s that expat, move-a-lot mindset, where you get used to just letting things (and people) go. But it was so much fun to meet up after a few months! Not to mention I had the best sandwich at Local Foods on Kirby. (Short rib, aioli, baguette, need I go on?)

Sunday – Back-to-Back Hey! Vina Dates

These were my normal dates I wrote about last week. Good fun and a good introduction to lady-friend dating!

Monday and Tuesday – Just Work…

This isn’t that exciting, but it’s still dealing with people.

Wednesday – New Hey! Vina Date

Another awesome Vina date! We met up at Cyclone Anaya’s in City Center (Yum!). Since we were both introverts, there were some pauses in conversation but it did keep going. At the end of dinner she mentioned I was one of the first people she’d really connected with – and we have a second date next week! I do think we clicked and would really enjoy hanging out, so I’m excited it went both ways.

Thursday – Bills Game Out with Cam

Did you know the Buffalo Bills have a home bar in Houston? Christian’s Tailgate on Bagby always has a Bills Backers event when they play. It’s so much fun because everyone shows up in gear, and there’s a regular who puts on a pretty good show anytime they score. Although Texans are still my No. 1, Bills fans are a lot of fun and Cam enjoys it. Plus I didn’t have to cook on a Thursday night. Hooray!

Friday – Dinner with a Friend from High School

So one of the great things about blogging so far is that it’s helping me reconnect with old friends. Once of my best friends from high school in Qatar is living in Houston now. We never really reconnected when she moved back to town. I could blame a lot of things, but it’s mostly being lazy and anti-social on my part. But she commented on my blog post on Facebook, and we met up for dinner. It was really amazing to get back together with someone I was so close with in school. Even though we’ve both grown up and changed a lot, it was easy to talk and just relax. So thank you, Blog!

Saturday – Shopping, Brunch, and a Double Date

Saturday was so busy! Cam received some good news from his job, so we both decided on “Treat-yo-self” rewards. Mine, of course, was shopping. I met up with Fallon for the morning and shopped til I dropped. (While also staying under budget. Shocking, I know!)

Another friend of mine had asked me out to lunch, too. We hit up Oporto for some amazing Portuguese food. We originally met because our men are best friends. I’m not sure if we’d ever really hung out just the two of us, although we had certainly co-commiserated at a good number of awkward parties. I’m so glad she planned lunch, though! We always have a great time hanging out together, and we should do so more, sans male counterparts.

Since I had stolen Fallon away for the morning, her husband and Cam were busy playing video games together virtually, which I think is the weirdest thing. When they want to hang out, they have to do so in separate homes because each needs his own system. They decided we should double-date that night to Dave&Busters. I always forget how much fun that place is! We had a great time, and even left with a stuffed Captain America for the pups! (Check out my Instagram for some Tuck and Cap cuddles.)

Sunday – Crash…

I fit so squarely into the Myers Briggs INTJ category that it isn’t funny. I must have solo downtime to recharge myself. By the time Sunday rolled around I was pretty drained. I had a date scheduled for Tuesday, but (fortunately?) she had to reschedule. So, I’ve been taking the week to let myself recharge, spend some time with Cam and the pups, and catch up on some reading.

I’ll be visiting my sister over the weekend (and her adorable new hedgehog), and I already have two second dates scheduled for Monday and Tuesday! It may turn into another busy week, so for now its book and bubble bath time!


Ms. Mary Kay and the Party from Hell

So Bumble has been a bit disappointing. I’ve matched a few times, but with no real results. My one and only Bumble date was about a week ago on Saturday. I didn’t post about it immediately, because I knew the follow would need to be included. She messaged me first and was really nice. We chatted for a little while, and then she said we should get together!

Mistake No. 1: She’s a Mary Kay beauty consultant, and she wanted me to come to a Mary Kay party. In my extreme naiveté, I said sure that sounds like fun!

Mistake No. 2: Assuming this was an already established party. I was thinking I would go, there would be some other ladies, and it would be a fun group environment to meet someone new in. She asked if I had any friends to invite, and I checked with one or two but neither could make it and I didn’t really want to push it, assuming she had other attendees.

Saturday morning I showed up on time and only Ms. MK was there. I thought, “Ok, I’m a little early. More people will come.” Wrong. Literally, it was me and her sitting a table in their studio, her supervisor in another room. AND IT WAS SO AWKWARD!

Most of you know, but I don’t really wear makeup. I’ll put on a little when we go out maybe, but I don’t wear makeup to work or anything. So Ms. MK literally had to sit there and instruct me on how to put on exfoliator, microdermabrasion, pore minimizer, day cream, night cream, moisturizer, and foundation. No joke, there were 7 products just for skin care. It was humiliating.

We did chat some during this, and I guess it was ok, but I suddenly realized what Cam had thought from the very beginning. This chick is preying on girls looking for friends to get clients. I felt stupid, and I felt guilted into buying something because I was the only person in the room. I ended up purchasing a few things (and to be fair the quality is good and I am using them). I was hoping, just maybe, she’d mention getting together not at a Mary Kay event. But no. Apparently actual makeup is done at a “follow up” party. At that point I said something non-committal and just wanted to get out of there.

A couple days later she checks in, at first not talking about the follow up. Being an optimist, I thought maybe this would take a turn for the better. Then she sent me my “invite” and said I should start planning my guest list. At this point, I lied and said I just wasn’t garnering any interest, but I’d be happy to do something by myself.

Then she sent this (laden with emojis): “Okay, so we need to get creative in your list. Easy peasy. Have you asked any of the following types of ladies? Best friend, bridesmaid, coworker, mom, sister, grandma, neighbor. Sometimes people need an invitation too. And you can let them know that they will be all done before lunch time, so that’s not a problem.”

I almost lost my cool. First, I’m on apps looking for new friends. I don’t really have a big circle to pool from. Second, I hate being forced into these kinds of events myself. I’m not going to force the few friends I have to attend a beauty party. Not to mention, could you see me being a hostess? “Hello, I don’t wear makeup but please buy this seven product skin care line. K, thanks!”

The next day I sent a message back, letting her know honestly that I was uncomfortable reaching out to friends and family, and I wasn’t interested in being a hostess. I said I’d be happy to be a customer or attend her organized events. I didn’t hear back from her for THREE DAYS. Eventually, she wrote back that she’d been busy and not to worry, hosting isn’t for everyone. She said they’d be doing a Project Runway watch party or something so  we could reschedule for that. End of chatting.

So I would say that was an epic fail…